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World Environment Day: SunChildren reuse and recycle

05.06.2012 15:45 Age: 5 yrs

June 5th is declared by the United Nations as the World Environment Day. This year the slogan of the day is “Green Economy: Does it include YOU?”

Green Economy describes an economy which is more focused on quality and sustainability than on quantity and sheer profit; an economy which includes people and respects their right to live in a green and clean environment. A Green Economy is also basing on a circle of valuable materials. In this circle nothing should be spoiled and everything which serves for our daily use should be recycled and reused.

Taking this motto into consideration the environmental education department of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) discussed with the Zoo Eco-club members and the Green School students what the children can do to remind as much people as possible that we all should strive to “green” our economy. Together the SunChildren – as all young participants of FPWC’s environmental education program call themselves – decided to present on June 5th interesting methods for the reuse of waste to the public.

To reach out to many people the SunChildren set up a booth in Yerevan Zoo. The whole afternoon the zoo visitors on June 5th can observe the process of creating fancy and useful items from beverage cartons, bottle caps, scrap paper and plastic bottles. Thus waste paper turns into table decorations, beverage cartons into fancy wallets and bottle caps gain a new life as shiny earrings.

All of the items which are created by the SunChildren during the World Environment Day will be available on June 9th